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Create a custom framed art for you or your loved ones.

Customize it how you want it.

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Supporting local craftsmen

Created uniquely just for you

Frame your memories

Because every memory is greater when shared, Craftiz framed art makes the perfect way to immortalize a special memory.

A beautiful sentimental gift for the person you love, as well as it is for friends and family to remind them of a special memory you once shared.


Get high-quality, handmade, beautiful
framed prints of the best memories in your life.

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We ship to more than 220 Moroccan cities. Details.

Handmade high quality frames & prints.

Hiba F.

Casablanca, Morocco

Craftiz Star Maps
I’m your proud first client after the rebranding, haha! I was hesitant at first but I trusted your description and got the frame, it is amazing! the gift wrapping is so cute. Glad I got this gift for my boyfriend. He loves it so much 🥰 💖

Hanane S.

Marrakech, Morocco

Craftiz Star Maps
Franchement tbareklah 3likoum! J’ai reçu ma commande pour notre anniversaire 👍🏻 les constellations sont magnifiques j’ai adoré et mon mari aussi. Je vais surement en commander d’autres bientôt. 🙏🏻

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The all new series of Abstracts
collection, available starting today.


Discover our babies frames and posters! Choose from a variety of cute designs created with education and entertainment in mind. Get them an alphabet frame, their favorite animal or even a personalized frame. Our babies frames make great gifts for birthdays and baby events!

Support Small Business

We first started Craftiz Studio to generate change, support Moroccan craftsmen and thus to participate in the influence of Moroccan culture by giving it freshness and modernity.

All our designs are lovingly created in our little studio, printed on high-quality 300gsm art paper.

Our frames are handcrafted by our talented Moroccan artisans, selected for their unmatched finesse. They take pleasure in perpetuating their ancestral know-how and in collaborating with us to make it evolve.


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Free shipping on 2 frames or more!

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